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Implementing national project #sUppoRt

The Russian national project #sUppoRt is becoming more and more popular in the framework of United Russia political party activities. Residents of the Udmurt Republic can ask for help through applying to the joint volunteer headquarters, based in the Regional Public Admission Party United Russia. Volunteers process them daily, make lists of those in need and form food packages.

The project #sUppoRt is aimed at helping older people, large families and single parents, people with disabilities, and those who are now in difficult life situations due to the coronavirus. The project is implemented on extrabudgetary funds – funds of entrepreneurs and charitable donations.

One of the requests was made by a resident of Izhevsk, the mother of four children Guzaliya Reshetnikova. Four children are growing up in the Reshetnikov family, the smallest child is only six months old and it’s not easy to leave the house in the current situation. On April 4, a box with essential goods was handed to the family by Dmitrii Chistiakov, Deputy Head of Izhevsk City Administration of social policy.

On this day, the family has another reason to celebrate – ten-year-old Nastya celebrates her birthday. The girl is fond of drawing, attends the Art school №13, so she was honoured to receive an ‘artist's kit’ as a gift.

On April 9, the Head of the City of Izhevsk Oleg Bekmemetev, as part of a charity project #sUppoRt, handed over the grocery set to the large Yamaev family. There are five children in the Izhevsk family of Ekaterina and Arthur Yamaev – Varvara, Daria, Radana, Ramis and Amir.

Arthur Yamaev, the father of the family, works at School №34 as a sports teacher, he is professionally engaged in taekwondo, and on weekends he trains teenagers, who find themselves in difficult life situations, for free. The eldest children in the family are also athletes, 8-year-old Varvara, despite her young age, won third place in the Taekwondo World Cup.

‘Ekaterina and Arthur Yamaev turned to the call centre of the charity project #sUppoRt asking for help. And I was glad to deliver them a set of necessary things and products. Such families are really worth supporting,’ Oleg Bekmemetev said.

The Yamaev family also expressed gratitude to the Head of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Brechalov and all the citizens who provide assistance to those in need.

On April 10, more than 800 families received food packages from deputies of the Izhevsk City Council – members of the United Russia party. They transfer funds for the purchase of food packages, participate in their delivery, and urge everyone to join the project.

“Our strength is in unity. In the isolation mode, many of us provide assistance to those in need, becoming volunteers, sewing masks, providing free meals, and taking care of our neighbours. And they do it absolutely unconditionally. An example of this is the project #sUppoRt. At the initiative of the Head of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Brechalov, with the support of deputies of the State Council of the Udmurt Republic and the Izhevsk City Council – members of the United Russia party and entrepreneurs, with the participation of volunteers and caring citizens, a good deed was obtained. Well-coordinated teamwork brings results,’ Oleg Garin, Chairman of the Izhevsk City Council, said.

These days, deputies of the Izhevsk City Council continue to deliver food packages to residents of Izhevsk. The families of the Eastern village in the Udmurt Republic were presented with goods by the Chairman of the Izhevsk City Council Oleg Garin.

A large Merzlyakov family living in the Eastern village, in conditions of self-isolation, was in a difficult life situation. The husband is temporarily out of work, the wife, Anastasia, is on parental leave. Having left an application by phone of the charity project #sUppoRt hotline, Anastasia was especially waiting for the delivery of the food package. Having received baby food, I was immensely grateful to the organizers of the project for their attention and care.

Izhevsk City Council deputy Aleksey Garipov comments, ‘Promotion of the project #sUppoRt is highly needed. I myself participate in it and fund the project. I urge everyone to join it. Help is now very much in demand and simply necessary.’

While visiting Izhevsk families, deputies do not only bring food packages but also advise citizens on various issues.

The activities of the deputy corps are not limited to the scope of the project. Deputies also implement their projects and actions aimed at helping citizens who find themselves in difficult situations. 

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