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Ceremonial opening of Gallery of Honour on Gorky Street

The opening of Gallery of Honour took place on the territory adjacent to the JSC “Izhevsk Motorcycle Factory” Axion Holding Corporation”. The opening ceremony was attended by First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Svinin, Chairman of the State Council of the Udmurt Republic Aleksey Prasolov, acting head of the city of Izhevsk Sergei Zadorozhny, general director of the motorcycle factory Gennady Kudryavtsev, also veterans and youth working on the factory.

The opening of the Gallery of Honor of JSC “Izhevsk Motorcycle Factory” Axion Holding Corporation” is dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the factory. Acting head of the city of Izhevsk, Sergei Zadorozhny said his congratulations on this event to the staff of the factory: "Today, an important object connected with the main heritage of the “Izhevsk Motorcycle Factory” Axion Holding Corporation” –with its team – has appeared on the cultural and historical map of the city of Izhevsk. For Izhevsk, the Motorcycle factory is one of the pillars of the urban economy, it is a factory of high production and technological culture, high social responsibility. Its role in shaping the appearance of the city and the city’s economy cannot be overestimated."

Historical note:

The history of the “Izhevsk Motorcycle Factory” Axion Holding Corporation” began in 1933 with the development and serial production of the first domestic motorcycles IZH-7, IZH-8, IZH-9 and IZH-12, and during the Great Patriotic War – Maxim machine guns.

After the war, the production of hunting rifles began at the factory. The last model IZH-49 was highly appreciated by specialists and was launched into mass production. A special page in the history of the company is the manufacture of an experimental batch (1500 pieces) of the famous AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle.

With the creation in the Soviet Union of the missile industry of the military-industrial complex, the factory was redeployed to the production of defense science-intensive products. "Izhevsk Motorcycle Factory" has become a launching pad for many types of products, primarily for the needs of the army.

In the mid-1950s, the enterprise started serial production of the electron-modeling station Electron, which was used in conducting complex studies of the development of rocket and space systems and complexes. Simultaneously, counting and solving instruments for self-propelled units "Astra", "Shilka", "Vaza" were created at the factory and the production of topographic binders was mastered.

The unique creative potential of the factory, the ability of its staff to quickly and efficiently solve complex production tasks were highly appreciated by the country's leadership. This was largely determined by the fact that in the 1950s “Izhevsk Motorcycle Factory” became a participant in the implementation of two major state programs. The first of these is the development of outer space, in accordance with which communications equipment and telemetry measurements were made to support the flight of the first Earth satellite and the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

The beginning of the 1960’s is a new step in the exploration of space. The serial production of reception facilities and automated processing of telemetric information has been started. The release of the fast-acting radiotelemetric complex BRS-1 in mobile and stationary versions, the radiotelemetric complex RTS-1 as part of the information receiving and recording machines MA-9, as well as information processing machines MO-9 was mastered.

Soon a number of modifications of new stations were created: "MA-9 MK", "MA-9 MKLZS", "MA-9MKL", "MA-9 MKT". Since that time, practically all polygons, cosmodromes and ground observation points for space objects are equipped with telemetric equipment manufactured by the Motorcycle factory.

The factory participated in the implementation of space programs: Vostok, Venera, Mars, Salyut, Mir, Soyuz, Progress, Phobos, Soyuz-Appolon, Buran-Energia, ISS, and others.

The second state program, which defined almost half a century as one of the main directions of the plant's development, was the Program for the creation of the nuclear missile shield of the country. Here we can distinguish the three most important stages. The first one is connected with the serial production of command instruments and control systems for operational-tactical liquid-fuel missiles 8K-11, 8K-14, the serial production of which lasted 20 years.

In the mid-sixties, the production of onboard equipment of the control system was organized to equip the first domestic solid-propellant missile "Temp-S", which was adopted in 1965.

For a quarter of a century, this complex was successfully operated first by the Strategic Missile Forces, then by the Army. Work on their serial production has transformed the factory and raised it to the advanced level in the country.

The second stage of the factory's participation essentially opened a new direction in the domestic rocket building – the equipment for missile armament of nuclear submarines of projects 941 and 667.

For achievements in the development and organization of production of rocket and space equipment "Izhevsk Motorcycle Factory" was awarded the Order of Lenin (1961), the Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1970) and the Order of the October Revolution (1976).

The most important third stage of the factory's activities in the field of rocketry in the early 1990s was the organization of production of ground-based equipment for the control of the Topol missile systems.

In 1994, the company was privatized, resulting in the emergence of subsidiaries operating in certain areas.

Today the JSC “Izhevsk Motorcycle Factory” Axion Holding Corporation” is one of the largest factory defense complexes of Russia and it supplies the most complicated products to virtually all types and branches of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: systems and aggregates for controlling missile systems of various classes and bases, instruments and devices for precision weapons, special communication equipment, radio engineering systems, complex hardware communication machines, computers special purpose, etc. The factory also develops the production of civilian equipment: medical and energy-saving equipment, consumer goods, agricultural machinery equipment and others.

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