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The anniversary motor rally "25 years of IZH has arrived"

The motocross "25 years of IZH has arrived" started from the building of the Administration of the city of Izhevsk on August 17. It is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the legendary motocross "Izhevsk - Cape Town" (South Africa) and will pass through the territory of Udmurt Republic, the Republic of Tatarstan and the Perm region.

Participants of the motocross were greeted by acting Head of the city of Izhevsk Sergei Zadorozhny, First Mayor of the capital of Udmurt Republic Anatoly Saltykov, who 25 years ago gave the start of the motocross "Izhevsk - Cape Town", as well as the head of the city of Izhevsk in 2001-2010 Viktor Balakin.

The initiators of the anniversary run were Members of the Motor Club "Nomads of the MCC" and one of the participants of the motocross Vyacheslav Anufriev. Within three days motorists will travel through the cities and towns, where they will organise master classes and demonstration performances on driving motorcycles. On the territory of municipalities, an exposition of motorcycle models will be launched. For the participants themselves, excursions to museums of municipalities will be organized.

On August 19, the motor rally will return to Izhevsk, the ceremonial closing will take place on the embankment of the Izhevsk pond near the monument of Deryabin.

Historical note:

A team of brave men went to the unique intercontinental motocross "Izhevsk - Cape Town" on 6 motorcycles "IZH", Moskvich-412 and KAMAZ/ The motocross started from the central square of Izhevsk on October 30, 1993. Participants traveled to 15 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and completed their journey on March 31, 1994, in Cape Town (South Africa), having traveled more than 20 thousand kilometers.

The aim of the motocross was to test new engines with cooling liquid for motorcycles "IZH-Jupiter". The motocross showed the high competitiveness of Izhevsk motorcycles. 

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