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21 September 2015 – Izhevsk hold the Nation’s Cross Country Race

A traditional All-Russian runners’ day “Nation’s Cross Country Race” took place on September 21.

This day is organized with the aim of attracting people to regular sport exercises, developing organization forms of mass sports and physical training work, promotion of physical training, sports and a healthy life style among the residents of the Russian Federation.

“Nation’s Cross Country Race” is the most wide-scale sport event in the country in terms of the number of participants and geographical coverage. The annual project of the Ministry of sports of the Russian Federation and the All-Russian Federation of track and field athletics in Udmurtia was supported by amateur runners in four cities (Izhevsk, Votkinsk, Glazov, Sarapul) and nine rural districts – Kezskiy, Kiznerskiy, Grakhovskiy, Kiyasovskiy, Sharkanskiy, Seltinskiy, Uvinskiy, Debesskiy, and Krasnogorskiy. The total number of participants of the All-Russian runners’ day in our region exceeded 10,000 people.

On September 21 around 4,000 track and field amateurs took part in the event in Izhevsk. 1, 4, 6, 8 and 12 km races were organized for participants, the main awards of the competitions were given to the following people:

1,000 m (boys and girls born in or after 2005) – Rodion Ismagilov, Yevgeniya Balobanova;

4,000 m (teenagers born in or after 1995) – Maksim Kuz’minykh, Irina Gushchina;

4,000 m (men and women born in or before 1994) – Aleksander Zembekov, Kristina Vasilyeva;

6,000 m (girls born in or after 1995) – Yekaterina Bobrova;

8,000 m (boys born in or after 1995) – Rustam Garifullin;

8,000 m (women born in or before 1994) – Yekaterina Katarina;

12,000 m (men born in or before 1994) – Alexey Poltanov.

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