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20 June 2015 - City celebration of Tatar and Bashkir peoples’ holiday “Sabantui”

Sporting complex “Chekeril” hosted thecity celebration of Tatar and Bashkir peoples’ holiday “Sabantui”.

The local officials took part in the celebrations including the Head of the City Alexander Ushakov, the Chairman of the “Business Udmurtia” association Ildar Bikbulatov, the Head of the Administration of Leninskiy district Alexander Ozhmegov, the Chairman of the Regional National and Cultural Tatar People of Udmurtia Autonomy Ramzia Gabbasova, the President of Regional Social Democratic Movement “Udmurtia’s Tatar Social Center” Fnun Mirzayanov. The guests of the event also included the Head of Sabinskiy Rayon of Tatarstan Rais Minnihanov and the State Council Deputy of Republic of Tatarstan, member of the Political Council of “Edinaya Rossiya” Gennadiy Glushkov.

Alexander Ushakov greeted the visitors of the festival and pointed out that there are more than 100 nationalities living in Izhevsk.

“What’s especially heartening is that the participants of different events come from different nationalities across the city. “Sabantui” is a holiday for all peoples and ages and we are happy to celebrate it as a big family. This is a great opportunity to spend more time with beloved people and meet new and old friends”, - said the Head of the City.

“Sabantui” is an arena for many competitions – the strongman powerlifting competition, brawl with sacks filled with grass while sitting on the plank, yoke with buckets racing, sack racing, the egg in the spoon racing, climbing the high smooth pole for the prize and many more. The main competition is the national wrestling called “Koresh”. The winner is called the strongest man of the festival. ThisyearitwasTimurHuziagalievfromIzhevsk. Hewasgivenatraditionalprize – asheep.

The event also hosted an equestrian competition. In thethoroughbred racing competition the winner was the horse called Boomerang together with the rider Konstantin Hohryakov from Izhevsk. The Head of the City Alexander Ushakov and the Chairman of the “Business Udmurtia” association Ildar Bikbulatov congratulated the winner and awarded him with the first prize.

Guests of the event could also enjoy performances by the art collectives from Udmurtia and Sabinskiy Rayon of the Republic of Tatarstan. Theoverallnumberofvisitorswasabout 10000 people.

The event was organized by the Administration of the City of Izhevsk, the Administration of the Leninskiy district, Regional National and Cultural Tatar People of Udmurtia Autonomy, Udmurtia’s Tatar Social Center, the Association of Tatar Youth “Iman”. 

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