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12 June 2015 - Udmurt national holiday “Gerber” in “Berezovaya roshcha” park (“Birch grove”)

On 12th June “Berezovaya roscha” park (“Birch grove”) hosted the Udmurt national holiday “Gerber”. The event was organized by the Administration of the Industrialniy district, the Izhevsk City Council “Udmurt Kenesh” and the newspaper “Udmurt dunne”. All in all, about 10 000 people attended the festival. The holiday is getting more popular with every year, not only among the Udmurts, but also among people of other nationalities. This year the guests of the city – a delegation from the City of Xining, People’s Republic of China, also took part in the festives.

The holiday started with positive songs and dances by the artist from Udmurt State Theater of Folk Song and Dance “Aikai”. The Head of the City of Izhevsk A.A.Ushakov, the President of the Udmurt association “Udmurt Kenesh” I.N.Semenov, the Deputy Head of the Administration of the City of Izhevsk O.V.Garin, the Head of the Indutrialniy District Administration L.E. Zaitseva and the First Deputy Minister for National Policy of the Udmurt Republic P.A. Orlov and the Deputies of the State Council A.V. Zverev, A.L. Smirnov and G.V.Merzlyakova congratulated everyone on the end of spring field works.

TheconcertprogrammeincludedperformancesfromthebestUdmurtcollectiveslike “Invozho”, “Chilter”, “Zardon”, “Turagai”, “Eshyos”, “ZadorMylkyz” andothers.

The celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the “Udmurt Dunne” newspaper included the Festival of readers (“Udmurt dunne gazetyoz lydzisyoslen festivalzy”) on the central stage; master-classes, art performances, Udmurt national cuisine and the exposition of works by the masters of arts and craft. District offices of “Udmurt Kenesh” also opened their doors to the visitors, who wanted to acquaintance themselves with the traditions of the Udmurt people.

The members of Udmurt Youth Association “Shundy” and the youth newspaper “Dart” organized games and contests, including singing, dancing and reading aloud extracts from favorite pieces of literature. At the end of the day the space hosted a disco.

All the guests of the festival could taste Udmurt ceremonial porridge.

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