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Celebrations in Izhevsk in June, 2014

The first summer month was marked in Izhevsk by a whole number of city-wide festive events.

To celebrate the International Day of children’s protection (June 1st) districts of Izhevsk organized festivals for children.

Traditionally the principle event of a month was the Day of the city of Izhevsk and the Day of Russia that are celebrated on June 12th. Adverse weather conditions didn’t ruin citizens’ mood. Such events as the Big Choral Assembly, festive rally, city bicycle parade, special concert at the Central square and fireworks display took place.

On June 21st the Republican national holiday of Tatar and Bashkir peoples “Sabantuy” was organized at the City park n.a. S. Kirov. Leaders of the Udmurt Republic and the city of Izhevsk along with members of the delegation from the Republic of Tatarstan participated in the opening ceremony. Head of the city of Izhevsk Mr. A. Ushakov underlined that Izhevsk was a multinational city: “Today representatives of more than 100 nationalities are living here. We honour and respect traditions and culture of all nations residing in Izhevsk”. One of these traditions is organization of celebration in honour of field workers during the traditional holiday “Sabantuy”.

Besides that, on June 21st an official delegation of the city of Izhevsk participated in the Udmurt national festival “Gerber” that took place in Diz’mino village. The event was attended by delegation from Udmurtia and other Russian regions where Udmurts were living: Bashkortostan, Mari-El, Tatarstan and others. In general more than 2000 people became guests of the festival.

Finally, on June 27th and 28th festive events timed to the Youth Day took place in the capital of the Udmurt Republic. Sport competitions and dance battles, health-improving events within the frames of the Healthy city project, family competitions and traditional “Brides’ marathon” became parts of the rich program of festive events.

City Day
Big Choral Assembly
Bicycle parade
Youth Day

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