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The remains of the Red Army soldier Yakov Yefremov, who died during the Great Patriotic War, are buried in Izhevsk

On August 22, on the Day of the Russian flag, a solemn ceremony was held at the military memorial of the Northern Cemetery for the burial of the remains of a native of the Udmurt Republic, Red Army soldier Yakov Yefremov, who died on May 1942 in the Novgorod Region.

The commemorative event began with the funeral of the deceased warrior in the Temple of the Holy Royal Martyrs. The civil memorial service at the war memorial was attended by the Head of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Brechalov, Chairman of the State Council of the Udmurt Republic Alexey Prasolov, Head of the Administration of the Head and the Government of the Udmurt Republic Sergey Smirnov, acting Head of the City of Izhevsk Denis Loginov, deputies of the State Council of the Udmurt Republic, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, front workers, veterans of the Armed Forces, students and pupils of cadet classes and military-patriotic clubs, relatives of dead soldiers and residents of Izhevsk.

‘Nobody is forgotten, and nothing is forgotten – this is not just a phrase familiar to our hearing. This is the civic position of millions of Russians. In this regard, I want to thank the Governor of the Novgorod Region, Andrey Nikitin, and those Russian citizens who continue to search for the remains of fighters who sacrificed their lives during the Great Patriotic War. It’s a very difficult moment because you realize the fact that a simple soldier, Yakov Yefremov, not only defended his family 77 years ago, he defended us all and continue to protect everyone today from callousness, from oblivion. And while we remember, we will really be that great country – great Russia,’ Alexander Brechalov, the Head of the Udmurt Republic, said.

The niece of the dead soldier Ulyana Lavriyenya, speaking during the funeral service, said, ‘Yakov Yefremov lived a 35-year-old vibrant life filled with labor, cares, love and the birth of four children. Yakov was a simple carpenter – he chose the most peaceful profession on earth. He would chop at home, make cradles for newborns. But life decreed otherwise. And in his thirty-five years, he, without a doubt, fulfilled his military duty, being in the immediate vicinity of the Nazi occupiers. Today, for our uncle, Yakov Yefremov, the war ends ... We have been looking for him all these years.’

The ashes of the Great Patriotic War soldier Yakov Yefremov were buried on August 22 to the sounds of the Anthem of the Russian Federation and volleys of military salute.

At the end of the ceremony, the song ‘Cranes’ was performed by Nikolay Chivilev, great-great-grandson of the Red Army soldier Yakov Yefremov.

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