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Dutch tourists visited Izhevsk

On August 26, the Head of the City of Izhevsk Oleg Bekmemetev met with tourists from the Netherlands who travel around Russia. Their eventful program included a visit to the iconic places of the Udmurt Republic and its capital. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss issues of cooperation in the tourism sector and promote a favourable image of the capital of the Udmurt Republic.

First, the guests were presented with a film about the city. Then, Oleg Bekmemetev introduced tourists to the history of Izhevsk, and also spoke about the industrial, economic, cultural, scientific, educational and sports potential of the capital of the Udmurt Republic.

The guests were interested in the bike paths in Izhevsk, the production of weapons, cars, what kinds of sports Izhevsk people do, where they relax, how they spend their free time.

The Head of the City of Izhevsk spoke about the strategic development plan for the city, about improving the quality of recreational areas and comfort for residents of Izhevsk. ‘One of the new public spaces will be the square named after our legendary weapons designer Mikhail Kalashnikov, whose 100th anniversary will be celebrated this year,’ Oleg Bekmemetev said. ‘There will be several public spaces in the city, including the renewed Central Square of Izhevsk – we will open it on the Day of the Armourer on September 19.’ Tourists from the Netherlands said that they are bringing 600 tulip bulbs as a gift to our city. The Head of the City assured that the flowers will be planted in a new Kalashnikov Square.

Foreign tourists spoke warmly about Izhevsk and a trip to the Udmurt Republic and Russia as a whole. ‘It's nice that you have a good impression. I hope you will remember your journey and talk about it. The main thing is that, despite different political views, nationality, gender or age, we have common interests, there is a desire to develop mutual ties, and this is possible only in a peaceful society,’ Oleg Bekmemetev said. 

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