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​Day of the City of Izhevsk and Day of Russia: concert and fireworks

The three-day celebration of the Day of the City of Izhevsk and the Day of Russia ended in the capital of the Udmurt Republic. The grand finale was a concert that took place on the city embankment.

A crowd of thousands – children and adults – gathered to spend the evening together, watch a festive show and fireworks. The Chairman of the Government of the Udmurt Republic Yaroslav Semenov addressed them with a welcoming speech. ‘On behalf of the Head of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Brechalov, the Government of the Udmurt Republic and myself personally, I want to congratulate you on this significant holiday. It is very symbolic that on one day we celebrate the Day of Russia and the Day of the City of Izhevsk. In my opinion, this is another proof that we are united,’ he said.

The pupils of the studio ‘Above the Rainbow’ of the children's art school №2 named after Peter Tchaikovsky were honoured to open the festive concert. They went onto the main stage for the eighth time on the Day of the City of Izhevsk and the Day of Russia, delighting Izhevsk citizens and guests of the capital with their talent.

The mood was picked up by performers who are not only known to the citizens but have already managed to make our city and republic famous on the Russian scene. Among them were: the participant of the TV project ‘The Voice’ Mark Yusim, the singer and songwriter Dmitry Permyakov, the soloist of the theater ‘Gradsky Hall’ Svetlana Syropyatova, the participant of the Pelageya team of the TV project ‘The Voice’ Alina Chuvashova and the participant of the show 'All together' on the RUSSIA 1 TV channel Sanduht Matevosyan.

The highlight of the evening was the dance with the flags ‘Come on, Russia!’. This surprise was specially prepared for the Day of Russia by talented artists from the dance theater ‘Pink Elephant’ who performed several acrobatic stunts.

Another gift for the residents was the performance of the famous pop singer, theater and film actress, Honored Artist of Russia Kristina Orbakaite. She admitted that the Day of Russia is a special holiday for her. ‘Today, all artists are united in a spiritual impulse. They all perform throughout the country and in different parts of our country,’ Christina Orbakaite said. ‘Especially for Izhevsk, I will sing the song called Without You.’

The concert of the performer lasted more than an hour. Together with her dancers, they created a festive mood.

To beautifully and grandiosely finalize the holiday, there was a six-minute firework.

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