Iurii Tiurin


Tiurin Iurii Alexandrovich was born on 5th April 1957 in the Isheevka village of Ulianovskiy Region of Ulianovkaya Oblast.

In 1979 he graduated from the Ulianovsk Polytechnic Institute. His major was “Electric power supply of industrial objects”.

From 1979 to 1995 he worked as electrician, shift leader, master, chief of electric repairs department, partcommittee instructor at “Izhstahl”.

From 1995 to 2003 he worked as a Chief power engineering specialist Of the “Izhstahl” JSCo.

From 2003 to 2005 he worked as a Director-at-large of the “Izhstahl” JSCo.

From 2005 to 2013 he worked as a technical Director of the “Izhstahl” JSCo.

From 2013 to October 2015 he worked as a Chief power engineering specialist of the “Izhstahl” JSCo

Iurii Tiurin was a member of the City Council of the third (2002-2005), fourth (2005-2010), fifth (2010-2015) and sixth (2015-2020) elections.

Awards: an Honoured power engineering specialist of Russian Federation, an Honoured power engineering specialist of the Udmurt Republic, laureate of science and engineering state prize.

Head of the city of Izhevsk: Iurii Tiurin

Address: 276, Pushkinskaya street, Izhevsk, 426070, Russia

Phone: +7 (3412) 41-41-15

Fax: +7 (3412) 41-41-41

E-mail: main@izh.ru

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The Head of Izhevsk is the highest official in the city. He is elected by the deputies of the Izhevsk City Council among its members by secret vote.

The Head of the city of Izhevsk is at the head of the City Administration and carries out the powers of the Head of Izhevsk City Administration.

The Head of the city of Izhevsk as the highest official is responsible for:

  • representation of the capital of the Udmurt Republic in other cities and regions of Russia;
  • signing treaties with governmental bodies, public associations, organizations, including foreign and international ones;
  • signing and promulgation of municipal legal acts adopted be the City Council, issuing municipal legal acts within his commissions;
  • other issues’ solution.

The Head of the city of Izhevsk serving as the Head of Izhevsk City Administration is responsible for:

  • introducing into the City Council the draft resolution on city budget for the next fiscal year and planning period, draft resolutions of the City Council regarding programs of socio-economic development of Izhevsk, local taxation, programs of complex development of transport infrastructure, social infrastructure, investment programs and others;
  • appointment of the deputy Heads of the City Administration Heads of district Administrations together with coming to an agreement with the City Council;
  • appointment of the Heads of structural departments of the City Administration, directors of municipal enterprises;
  • city budget implementation;
  • other issues’ solution.

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