Izhevsk is the capital of the Udmurt Republic, a large industrial, cultural and scientific center.

The population of the city of Izhevsk is 642.0 thousand people, as of January 1, 2015.

The basis of the economic and social development of Izhevsk is industrial production with a share of the workforce of about 32% of the average number of employees of the city of Izhevsk. Industrial enterprises are the main taxpayers to the city budget.

The largest share in the volume of shipments of goods of own production covers production of such manufacturing enterprises as LLC "Obyedinennaya avtomobilnaya gruppa", JSC "IEMZ Kupol", JSC "Izhstal", Izhevsk Motor Plant "Axion Holding", JSC "IMZ", DOOO "Izhevsk Radio Plant", JSC "Concern" Kalashnikov".

The enterprises of the city of Izhevsk manufacture steel, medical equipment, cars, plastics, machinery, equipment for the GLONASS system, on-board remote signaling systems, automatic docking ships systems, products for the needs of the defense industry of the country. The development and production of air defense and electronic equipment for military use, airborne and ground-based radio systems, telecommunication systems, communications, sports and hunting and military weapons and other products for special purposes is carried out. Weapons production is unique. The Kalashnikov gun has no analogues in the world. The potential of the military-industrial complex is used for the development of the civil sector.

For labor merits of the city and its inhabitants, the contribution of Izhevsk into the industrial and defense potential of Russia, current economic and social transformations Izhevsk was awarded with the title "City of Labor Glory".

Izhevsk is a city that purposefully and successfully develops multidisciplinary economy. This implies a balanced development of basic industries, as well as the development of other spheres: science and education, culture and the arts, services and trade, the building complex, small and medium enterprises, information technology and telecommunications, modern transport complex and engineering infrastructure, healthcare, social protection institutions, physical education, sports and tourism.

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